AntlerX Extreme Strength and Power
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AntlerX is the top supplement available legally to spike your IGF-1 levels within minutes of first taking it. AntlerX uses the purest source IGF-1 found in nature; Antler Velvet extracted from the antler racks of the New Zealand Red Deer. This nutrient-dense velvet is loaded with IGF-1, the amazing component responsible for the rapid cellular generation and growth that produces huge antler racks in a short period of time. The shocking growth rate and development of deer antler is seen nowhere else in nature.

Now, this same powerful growth agent can be harnessed by athletes to maximize their muscular development from every workout. Our bodies naturally produce small amounts of the same IGF-1, but it disappears rapidly, limiting its effectiveness. Now, with AntlerX you can multiply your IGF-1 levels, and results, with every workout.

Athletes Get The Results You Deserve Enhance Performance Today Increase Lean Muscle

Recent studies have revealed that deer antler velvet has many beneficial results for athletes. Scientists report increased strength and muscular gain, quicker recovery and longer endurance during exercise. Specifically, New Zealand Red Deer antler velvet has been shown to enhance the results, including: muscle composition, stamina and recovery time from intense training.

A frequently cited study on New Zealand university athletes showed that antler velvet users in a blind trial, over a 10-week period, had doubled their muscular endurance compared to the placebo group. Over 3 dozen other independent studies have confirmed antler velvet's effects on muscular development, cardiac output, and recovery. The clinical research behind natural IGF-1 derived from Red Deer Antler Velvet's effects on human performance is well-documented, and athletes in every sport are seeing the results first-hand.

Benefits of AntlerX
  • You’ll maximize the nutrients delivered directly to your muscles with every dosage of AntlerX’s proprietary blend of Antler Velvet and Growth Factors…
  • You’ll see faster recovery and reduced muscle soreness after strength-training workouts, allowing you to train longer and harder without reaching lateaus or risking injury…
  • You'll dump soaring levels of explosive power, strength and speed into your body!
  • You'll build muscle and burn off body fat twice as fast as you've ever experienced before because of your more intense workouts ...
  • Your muscles will instantly feel more explosive – ready to spring into action at any moment! …
AntlerX Improves Muscle Growth
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AntlerX Extreme Strength and Power